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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Joshua Jackson HollywoodNewsWire.net  "2004 AFI Film Festival Opening Night Gala "Beyond the Sea""  photo
Aurora Borealis
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Aug 28, 2006
Joshua Jackson – Aurora Borealis

Q1: You were cast in this before Donald was cast in this.
JJ: Yes.

Q2: So, the director was saying that you were very passionate about this, what made you so passionate?
JJ: I just reading the script I mean that's why I was cast so early on the process because when I immediately upon reading the script. I thought to myself two things; one this is a very well written and honestly written script and because I had actually lived in Minneapolis at a couple of different times in my life, it felt real there was almost a textural quality to it, you felt like you were in the places you were reading, you could be transported, so that makes the acting job easier if you just, if you have good words to say and then on the flip side of that there I was as a twenty five year old actor coming out of six years of working on a TV show doing the same thing for many, many, many years and frankly there are not a lot of really well drawn characters at that ag...

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