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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Kevin Spacey HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Casino Jack"  photo
Now: In the Wings on a World Stage
Interview by: Ricky Mora
Apr 30, 2014
Kevin Spacey - Now: In the Wings on a World Stage
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Interview by Ricky Mora

Q: Are you heading to the tennis court?
KS: I will be.

Q: I ASMfd in England. I wanted to thank you for bringing that (stagehand) girl out at the end. That was very cool.
KS: We loved our crew, and shefs actually very funny in the movie. She has a great line that gets a great laugh. gYoufd think they would have seen it coming!h

Q: When you decided to do this production, when did the idea of making it a documentary come into play?
KS: The conversations started with Sam Mendes in the first year of the British project because there were three seasons where Sam directed five productions. The first season was two, and the second season was two, and Richard III was the third and final. We only did one show in the third season. Thank God! But we started talking in the third season. I had gone to Epidaurus to watch Sean Russell Beale do gThe Win...

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