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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Strangers with Candy Press Conference"  photo
Strangers with Candy
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 27, 2006

[ * indicates her using the Jerri Blank voice]

Q1: Why do a movie? Always decided to do it?
PD: We never decide anything.
AS: We're not a group. We were working on a book called "Wigfield" that Paul and Steve wrote that I contributed about six words to. And we were working on it -- we were always talking about Jerri Blank or think about funny things that she would say. So Paul would always keep it in a "folder" on the computer and then at the end of the book -- a digital folder -- on his HD. And at the end he opened it and just thought, "Oh, we have enough here to write a movie. We'll just write a movie." So that's how it happened.

Q2: How long was since the show ended that you had enough material?
PD: It was a short period of time that we gathered that material in. After the show wrapped, we sort of made a conscious effort to move as far away from Jerri Blank as we could. There was talk initially. I think if we had been aggressive, we could have d...

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