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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Fernando Eimbcke HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Duck Season Press Conference"  photo
Duck Season Press Conference
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 25, 2006
Fernando Eimbcke - Duck Season

Q1: Do pizza men usually hang out with kids where you are from?
FE: No, never.

Q2: Did the movie draw on any child experiences?
FE: I shared the boredom experience, but not the special things that happened. My childhood was fine, but I was bored.

Q3: Did you have X Box?
FE: I never did video games. I hung around with my bicycle all day. That's why I had the video games turned off in the movie.

Q4: Why did you shoot the black and white?
FE: The script asked for black and white. When I finished the first draft I thought it could be in black and white. I asked the DP and he asked me why? I asked him to read the script one more time and think about it and black and white. He did and then said,
'Wow, it's in black and white!' It's because the story is so simple and all the things that are happening are so tiny so black and white helps people from being distracted. I think it worked very good. Also, black and white helped us to play with volum...

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