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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: John Krasinski HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Something Borrowed"  photo
Something Borrowed
Interview by: Megumi Torii
Apr 17, 2011
Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski - Something Borrowed
Casa Del Mar Hotel, Santa Monica

Q1: You've been these supporting cute person, which is easy for you to play, but this is the lead. Kate is an Academy award nominee and when you got the lead were you surprised? What was your reaction to getting the part?
GG: I was shocked! I was shocked and I was nervous to be honest about carrying the story in the way that Rachel does, but not because she's the lead but because she's a far more subtle character than the characters surrounding her and I'm not really used to playing someone as flushed out as I hope we meet her. I'm not used to playing someone so straight and narrow and I was terrified of being boring.

Q2: You weren't.
GG: Thank you! It was a very real insecurity and I think I checked in with John a lot about that.
JK: I was of no help, in case you were wondering. (laughs)
GG: Margene, on 'Big Love,' is more of the comedic relief. A lot of the other characters I've pla...

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